Angel Dustin Hoffman

by Beau

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This song is about the existential crisis that is life.


Champagne sunrise
Blue dream, red eyes

So who's to blame for this besides myself?
Wake up and stare at the ceiling, stasis with no sense of feeling
Life is just so unappealing, time is the basis of healing
I can't help but notice
Everyone, everything I see, the whole room is staring right at me
My head is spinning the walls breathe, tension is grinding in my teeth
Nobody believes me

And there will come a time and place where I can defend my stance and at the same time coming clean. If you'd just lead (tell me something I don't know) I would follow you (give me something I can use)
Take your time it's all you have to lose

This is so ironic, that I don't even get it
And I can't wait to tell you every single detail

I can't help but notice how much time we waste, in an idle state
Watching TV, on the internet, stuck in traffic, smoking cigarettes
With our minds free of doubt or worry of the future
Can we wake up please?
I don't have to if I don't want to, I don't want to if I don't have to
I won't wait anymore I have spent my life waiting at your door


released June 1, 2017
Music by Beau
Lyrics by Dru Shaw/Austin Longworth
Produced by Adrian Tanner/Joey Barone @ Hooligan1productions
T&R Recordings 2017



all rights reserved


Beau Las Vegas, Nevada

Beau is a 3 piece Post-Hardcore/Math-Pop outfit from Las Vegas, NV.

Dru: Vocals/Drums
Shanon: Guitars
Austin: Bass/Vocals

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